Hipster Noir

Hipster noir” is a label that I had stuck on some of my “underground” writings about strange, unusual characters who wore vintage clothing, drank IPAs, and came with a whole slew of quirks. Then the individual sketches started connecting into chapters until they started making sense –– sort of. And thus was born…

Screen shot 2015-03-23 at 10.44.14 PMLogline (The Briefs)

A hipster P.I. seeks out the man who murdered a muse-for-hire only to stumble upon a diabolical plot that could unravel the entire Universe.

Synopsis (The Boxers)

Blending nuances of noir with geek subculture in a supernatural, metaphysical mystery, this first “hipster noir” introduces us to the queerest holistic detective since Dirk Gently –– Sebastian Holden, P.I., a Jersey City hipster whose host of fine-honed skills helps him crack even the most cryptic of cases, like The Muddled Mystery of the Murdered Muse. When muse for hire Annie Hathaway is murdered, the fuzz quickly pins the rap on her spoken word-spouting boyfriend in Williamsburg. But Sebastian’s trusty gut instinct tells him there’s more to this mystery than meets even his third eye, and he thrusts himself head-first into a bizarre Universe teeming with vampire cabals, orange-blooded androids from tomorrow, and a haunted beach house that holds a dark secret, which just might be the key to solving Sebastian’s most perplexing case yet.

With a sundry cast of unconventional champions and supernatural scoundrels that includes a suicidal vampire, a world-jumping monkey-spanker, Death, and The Devil himself, plus boatloads of Bogartian banter and enough esoteric references to superheroes, indie flicks, and Castlevania to sink your battleship, The Muddled Mystery of the Murdered Muse will prove a hell of a whodunit that will scramble minds, steal hearts, and leave its readers eagerly anticipating further misadventures of the strangest P.I. this or any Universe has probably never heard of.

You can read The Muddled Mystery of the Murdered Muse exclusively at my Medium page. New chapters come out twice a week (Tuesday and Friday). Here’s Chapter 1: “Hipster Nights (I Miss You, Annie Hathaway)” to get you started.

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